September 2019 Newsletter

Hello Everyone.
September brings many exciting new adventures and with Dynamics just around the corner this one is no different. Please let us share some important news with you.
A Whole New Chapter Platform – website, email, social media
Both the national office, as well as our local chapter have been hard at work modernizing our internet and social media platforms, all in an effort to keep everyone better informed, and to build connections. Here is the latest news:
  • National website:   Our national website has gotten an upgrade this past spring. 
  • BC Chapter Website:  And so has our BC Chapter website, so please check out the various pages. We have a spot for upcoming events, blogs, and resources pages. Contact us if you have any content you would like to share, brag about your team, or have suggestions to improve the site
  •  NEW BC Chapter e-mail:   And  with the many upgrades, we have a new email address. Our old email ceased receiving mail on Aug 5th, thus we likely missed it if you sent us anything after that date. Please try again to our new email address if needed.
  • Social Media: We also continue to make announcements on facebook, and instagram. Our YouTube channel has undergone some changes though. With the email upgrade, we had to migrate it to a new channel. Our original channel (BC Chapter CACCN) will continue to exist, but all future videos will be posted on our new channel (British Columbia Chapter CACCN) and you will still be able to access our old videos from previous events through the playlist on our new channel. Confusing, I know. Long story short, you can find us on YouTube as well – links to all our social media is listed below in the signature line.
Dynamics WhatsApp Group Invite
There will be so much to do, and so many people to meet this year at Dynamics, we figured it might be nice to help us connect with each other by creating a WhatsApp Group. All our chapter leaders are joining, so if you discover some amazing presenter or idea, we can “steal shamelessly and share broadly” with each other. Or if just want to do the town with a few new folks, we can do that too. Please check your email for the like to WhatsApp. If you have not received it please contact us.
Monday Meet-Up — BC Chapter
If you are going to Dynamics, or even if you are not, we need your ideas!
This is the time of year, where we start brainstorming for future events, and we have noticed, there are going to be a number of BC folks making it to Halifax. So lets take advantage of it. We are planning a Dynamics Meetup – help us brainstorm! AND even if you can’t make it to Halifax, you can still join us online from wherever you are. Please email us or WhatsApp us if you are planning to attend so we can get a sense of the numbers!
  • Date: Monday September 16
  • Time: 6pm (Halifax Time) or 2pm Vancouver Time if you are joining us online
  • Location: Conference Hotel (likely my hotel room – TBA) 
  • To Join Online – please check your email for details. If you have not received anything, please contact us and we will forward you the information. 
Save the Dates
Here are a few important dates to mark in your calendars for the upcoming year:
Upcoming BC Chapter Events:
  • Thursday, November 7, 2019, 2 to 4pm PDT – Fall Innovation Roundtable
  • Thursday, March 12, 2020 2-4pm PDT – Spring Innovation Roundtable
  • Thursday, May 14, 2020 – All Day Event – Annual BC Chapter Conference and AGM
  • June 27 to Sept. 30, 2019 – Fall Exam Application period
  • Nov 1-15 – Fall Examination 
  • Nov 1, 2019 – Renewing by continuing education deadline 
CACCN Awards, Bursaries, and Abstract deadlines:
  • Sept 12 – CNA Certification Exam Bursary
  • Oct 15 – January 10 – Dynamics 2020 Abstract Submission period
  • Nov 1 – CNA Certification Renewal Bursary
  • June 1 – Many CACCN Awards and Bursaries, so consider applying or nominating someone for:
    • Paula Price Educational Award (for Critical Care or Baccalaureate Degree)
    • CACCN Graduate Education Bursary (for Graduate Education)
    • CACCN Research Grant – to discover something
    • Innovative Project Award – to implement something into practice
    • Brenda Morgan Leadership Award – for those great leaders out there
    • Chasing Excellence Award – For new up and coming critical care nurses
    • Sharing Expertise Award – for those critical care nurses, that go out of their way to help everyone be their best.

Your BC Chapter Leadership Team
Vini Bains, Simmie Kalan, Heidi O’Callaghan, Sybil Hoiss, Emily Boorman & Allana LeBlanc

Connect with us:

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               3cd8eec9.jpeg  British Columbia Chapter CACCN


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