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In these unprecedented times when our healthcare system is trying to increase capacity for a potential surge in COVID 19 patients, nurses in non critical care settings may be called upon to help out in ICUs, HAUs, and tele units. 

BCIT has designed a new online course that has compressed the high-acuity/critical care specialty curriculum and made the course free and open to nurses who wish to upskill. This course is not a replacement for the full specialty education certificates – rather this will help floor-nurses grasp the fundamentals of these concepts so that they can assist in specialty units. 


Level 1 – Any RN assisting in the care of the mechanically ventilated population

Level 2 – Any RN assisting in the care of the high acuity patient population

Level 3 – Any RN Assisting in the care of the telemetry patient population

Course Content

Module 1: Foundational Acute Practice
  Oxygen supply and demand
  Comprehensive assessment
  Arterial blood gas analysis
  Hemodynamic monitoring
Module 2: ECG Interpretation, the Basics
  Myocardial Electrophysiology and Conduction
  Normal Electrocardiogram Complex
  Systematic ECG Analysis
  Cardiac Rhythms: Sinus, Arterial and Ventricular
  Impact of Cardiac Rhythms on Hemodynamics
Module 3: Oxygenation and Ventilation
  A: Non-Invasive Ventilation (CPAP and BiPAP)
  B: Invasive Ventilation (Mechanical Ventilation)
Module 4: Shock States-signs and symptoms

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