2020 Spring Innovation Roundtable

Our annual Spring Innovation Roundtable is coming this March 12th! This is an opportunity to join your colleagues in critical care at various sites across B.C. and listen to speakers on topics related to the latest changes in clinical practice and research.

Topics this year are diverse, with a special focus on how technology is changing nursing and critical care. In particular we have a presentation on how telehealth is affecting access to critical care interventions for children – particularly in remote practice settings. This year we have also seen the implementation of electronic health records with 3 different health authorities. Finally, this conference will also feature a talk on another contentious and evolving topic – namely, family presence at critical care rounds.

Satellite sites where the conference will be viewable will be released closer to the conference date. You can contact us at britishcolumbia@caccn.ca to find out how to view the conference from the comfort of your own home/office/unit.

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