2020 Fall Innovation Roundtable Speakers: Simmie Kalan & Rys Chapple

On September 24th from 1130-1330the B.C. Chapter of the Canadian Association of Critical Care Nurses will be hosting an online/on-site event known as the 2020 Fall Innovation Roundtable. We present to you one of our featured presentations for this event: 

Proning: Awake Non-Intubated Patients

Presentation Summary: Proning for acute respiratory distress syndrome has been used in critical care units around the world for years. These patients are often sedated, intubated and mechanically ventilated. With the emergence of the COVID-19 global pandemic, the benefits of proning patients earlier, who are awake with no artificial airway has shown to potentially prevent the need for intubation and mechanical ventilation. This presentation will review the physiology around proning, tips and tricks, as well as recommendations for proning of awake non-intubated patients. 

Speaker bios: Simmie Kalan  is a Clinical Nurse Educator & ECLS Specialist Program Coordinator for the Intensive Care Unit, at Vancouver General Hospital in British Columbia. She is a licensed Registered Nurse, has her Canadian Nurses of Critical Care Nurses certification, and her Masters of Nursing in Education from the University of Victoria. Simmie has a passion for nursing curriculum development, simulation, and interdisciplinary learning.

Rys Chapple is the Physiotherapy Critical Care Team Lead for the Intensive Care Unit and Burn, Trauma and High Acuity Unit at Vancouver General Hospital in British Columbia. Prior to coming to Vancouver, Rys worked as a Physiotherapist in London, England before moving to Canada in 2016. Rys is passionate about patient centered care and supporting continued development of his colleagues.

To participate in this upcoming event:

Video (computer, tablet, or smartphone)
 Audio (call-in and enter T-Con#)

Outside Kelowna: 1-877-977-0888
Within Kelowna: 1-250-717-1214
T-Con #: 2816

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