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Fall Innovation Roundtable 2020 - Aug 14 version

Upcoming Fall Innovation Roundtable will cover many topics related to critical care in the context of COVID-19. Hear from bedside nurses, advanced practice nurses, spiritual care, and physiotherapists on how health authorities and units have coped around BC.

Viewable from in-person satellite sites in IHA, VCH, PHA, FHA & VIHA. Or join from the comfort of your own home!

Speaker Profiles - Simmie Kalan & Rys Chapple

Simmie Kalan is a CNE and Rys Chapple is the Critical Care Physiotherapy Team Lead at the Vancouver General Hospital ICU. They will be giving a presentation on the benefits early proning for awake, non-intubated COVID-19 patients.

Speaker Profile - Sarah Crowe

Sarah Crowe is a critical care nurse practitioner at Surrey Memorial Hospital. She will be presenting on a mixed method study on the impact of COVID-19 on bedside nurses at the upcoming 2020 Fall Innovation Roundtable.

British Columbia CHapter

Set between the province of Alberta and the Pacific Ocean, British Columbia is Canada’s most westerly province. BC entered the confederation in 1871, Victoria is our capital city and we have a population of approximately 4 million people.   There is a rich first nation’s art and history to discover. Vancouver, although not our capital is a multicultural, cosmopolitan city with something for everyone.

Chapter Executive

President –  Sybil Hoiss (appointed)
CNS Critical Care Network – Interior Health Authority

Vice President – Simmie Kalan (appointed)
CNE Vancouver General Hospital ICU – Vancouver Coastal Health

Treasurer –  Heidi O’Callaghan (2019 – 2021)
Richmond Hospital ICU RN – Vancouver Coastal Health

Secretary & Fraser Health Authority Representative  – Sharon Hickin (appointed)
CNS Fraser Health Critical Care Network – Fraser Health Authority

Journal Club Lead – Heidi O’Callaghan (2019 – 2021)
Richmond Hospital ICU RN – Vancouver Coastal Health

Social Media – Geoffrey Liew (appointed)
Eagle Ridge Hospital RN – Fraser Health Authority

BCPSQC Representative – Allana LeBlanc (2019 – 2021)
CNS Vancouver General Hospital ICU & HAU – Vancouver Coastal Health  

Crtitcal Care: State of THE ART, combining compassion and technology when patients need us the most.

Upcoming Events

Canadian Intensive Care Week

October 25 to 31, celebrate and recognize the work of critical care clinicians and leaders around the country.

World Sepsis Day 2020

The 9th World Sepsis Day is happening on September 13. Clink the line below to learn more and sign the petition.


CACCN is a national association of nurses dedicated to the advancement and innovation of clinical practice, research, and leadership in critical care. 

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